… And He Shall Be As Lightning!

I had tears in my eyes this morning as I read over something I wrote a while back.
… I am hungry. I am hungry for Life and for Truth, for Beauty and for persistence.
In fact I am feeling it right now…
My stomach hurts… You see, I mean it literally and figuratively.
Truth, Life, Beauty, and their Persistence.
It is for all these things that I am Hungry.

My name is Jonathan Derek Stier.
I was born 12:42 pm, November 21, 1989 AD.
I am 21 years old.
I have a message for the world,
… Because if you do not…. I will die.

(I do not know the typical timetables for the onset of the associated health risks or how long it usually takes for death from starvation to occur, all I know is that I’ve heard something about “30 days…” I think I simply heard someone say one time, “you can go thirty days without eating” but, what exactly that means, I don’t know… and, just to clarify, yes, people! I am asking for donations.)
Because you see, my message is not a message alone, my purpose is also action, but I cannot act without resources… Let me begin to explain further.

First, though, let me explain how this blog will work… I will take the first few entries to explain everything, “the message” as it were. After that, I will be giving a daily update on my progress. That is, health wise (with pictures and maybe notes here and there) as well as reports on progress in donations received.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, I will start with a message that I posted to an internet forum around two years ago.

If you look at my ‘signature’ it says “to unite people in spirituality through the advocacy of individuality.” Truth goes beyond doctrine and dogma… these are means to an end (usually a worldly end). Spirituality is an end in and of it’s self… and the most important one. Religion is a tool for promoting spirituality… Spirituality is not otherworldly though… A life lived properly is the highest form of spirituality… What is proper? Truth! And Beauty!

Doctrine and dogma are not truth and have no place in the mind of a seeker of truth… This is where the religions of the world have fallen short… They seek themselves and not the truth and thus, they have forgotten and are no longer aware of the truths hidden within them and so they can not either see that they are all speaking of the same things.

The difference though, between the abrahamic religions and all others is that they were created to bring about a time when this truth would be realized; when Humanity would come to understand that there is no one path, as there is not only one individual. There are as many paths as there are people and plants and animals and thingsin the universe. It is all the bliss of the eternal… The great traditions of this world can be guides to one who seeks truth, but they are, none of them, absolutely true on their own. The only one that is, is Judaism. Not in how it is practiced but, rather, in that message which it protects. That is the essence of the Mosaic Covenant and the Christian ‘New Covenant’ and the culmination of the Abrahamic Covenant… Actually, there is a slight difference between the Mosaic and ‘New’ Covenants. The Mosaic Covenant’s purpose is to safe guard the message of truth and of life. The New Covenant’s purpose is to bring the whole world to the point where it can receive this message. This is why the two (Christianity and Judaism) did not merge. They have the same end goal but were given different jobs within that greater purpose.

The message, of which this is all the center, is simple.

It is that we are meant to live this life because of it’s beauty and it’s splendor—because there is nothing else but darkness and loneliness.

To live as who you are, how you were made, and to be true to yourself, no matter how frightening that may be at any given moment.

And to create as much joy and happiness doing it, as we possibly can.

No one religion is absolutely right. Every religion explains each other. The message of Judaism is the essence oftrue life, as it states, “be who you are, whatever that may be.”

And this is the point and the purpose of Judaism and Christianity. Judaism is simply an agreement to protect this message until the whole world is ready to receive it. And to live by it when the time comes.

While Christianity is a means to bring about that time… That time is now.

I am the messenger of Truth and Justice and this has been my message… Take it to heart!



Your life is my Love, Live and Love!

John 10:16

“And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.”

You may send donations to 700 Loop St., San Marcos, Tx, USA.

Thank you and I love you and goodbye for now.

(if there is some better or easier way to receive donations, please let me know, frothymonkey@gmail.com)

This blog was started on blogger.com…  Rather than transport all of the posts over here, and have completely incorrect time and date stamps and all that, I’ll just provide a link for you to continue reading here, The Akh Awakens, and another here to see the latest posts, direlectric.blogspot.com.


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